All Rose Flower Water is Not Created Equal

The differences between various types of rose flower water. Organic rose water. Which rose floral water to use in cooking, for healing and skin care. How to make rose water.

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Rose water has been lending its unique and special flavor to baked dishes in Greece, India and Thailand for centuries. Many Americans would like to experience this beautiful flower's flavor or recreate a dish they enjoyed while traveling in another land.

This is easy to do as long as you don't make the mistake of purchasing the wrong kind of rose water.

What is Rose Water?

True rose water is what you get when you cover rose petals with water, simmer them and collect the steam. This steam is a water extract containing the fragrance and volatile oils inside the rose petals.

This is a time-consuming process.

It is much quicker to add a few drops of rose essential oil to a bottle of water and shake it but this is not how you make real rose water.

Some companies are selling this type of product as rose water.

Other low quality rose waters are made by the correct method but the company will reuse the rose petals until the final water is nearly flavorless and scentless.

How to Tell Pure Rose Water from Diluted Junk

If you get hold of a poor quality rose water you will surely realize it the moment you pop that first rose water cookie into your mouth. But you want to know before that happens, don't you?

You can tell by the price.

Full-flavored rose water is much more expensive than the watered down stuff. If you can buy a 16oz bottle for less than $5, it is probably not any good.

Make sure the rose flower water you are buying is food quality. Some rose waters contain ingredients which are not meant to be ingested. These products are only meant to be used topically, for personal care.

Another way to judge the quality of natural rose water is by its fragrance. The best rose waters will smell good. If there is no scent, there probably won't be much flavor either.

Lastly, taste it. Good rose water tastes good right out of the bottle.

Organic Rose Water

Organic rose water is the highest quality rose water you can use. It is made from the petals of roses which have never been sprayed with harmful chemicals.

Other rose waters are made from rose flowers which may have been sprayed. The petals will have been washed to remove any chemical residue but who knows how well this works.

The only way to guarantee that there are no such residues in the final product is to buy organic rose water.

If you want clean rose flower water but don't want to pay premium prices for it, here are some instructions for how to make rose water.

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These are excellent, food quality rose waters. The main difference between them is that the Shea Terra and Bulgarian rose waters are organic and the Flower Water is not.

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