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The best rose gardening gloves to use for planting or cutting roses. Long leather gauntlet gloves to protect your hands and forearms when pruning thorny shrubs. Bionic gloves for arthritic gardeners.

Ladies Ultimate Rose Glove Small

One of the most important aspects of gardening, caring for roses is pruning them. Seasonal pruning keeps the shrubs open so that air can circulate freely around their leaves and stems, warding off disease. It is also important to remove dead or damaged canes to keep insects from invading and to keep the shrubs beautiful.

You will need a good pair of gloves to help you with this thorny task.

My vote for most helpful rose gardening tools goes to these 2 pairs here:

They (both brands) tend to run a little small so order medium if you normally take a small, etc. They are great for any gardening task that requires you to reach into a prickly bush or for weeding around them.

I wish I had worn them yesterday. I went out to do some spring cleaning, became inspired by the beautiful weather and decided to turn my Don Juan climbing rose into a tall specimen shrub.

This is not what I had originally gone out to do. I was wearing a short gardening glove. Too lazy to go back inside and fetch the long leather gloves, I decided to brave it.

I'll be rubbing aloe vera gel on my forearms for the next week or so in an attempt to keep all the scratches I received for my folly from turning into scars.

You can have all the right tools. But they won't do you any good if you don't use them.

Short Gardening Gloves
Leather Rose Gloves

Ladies Rose Gardening Glove Medium Pink

These are good gardening gloves to wear when cutting roses or deadheading them.

Gloves for Arthritic Gardeners

Womens Rose gloves X-Large

Womens Rose gloves Small

Bionic gloves are endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use. If you suffer from arthritis in your hands or wrists, these are the rose gardening gloves you need.

They will help you grip, pinch and twist things. The fingers are padded and there is extra wrist support built in. Lycra makes them fit and breathe well. Cabretta leather makes them supple even when wet and is machine washable, always a plus in a gardening glove.

Rose Gauntlet Glove Small

Rose Gauntlet Glove Small

Rose Gauntlet Glove High Performance Work Gloves Made By and For Women. Only a long leather glove will protect your arms from thorny rose canes and other prickers and brambles. Our Womanswork rose gauntlet gloves have been tested for thorn resistance and they win against other leather gauntlet gloves marketed for this use. They are made with soft top grain pigskin leather that has been brushed to a suede finish to give the leather added suppleness.

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