Rose Tree Care Secrets

Rose tree care is a guide to the summer and winter care of standard roses. Planting rose tree standards. Pruning standard rose bushes and miniature trees. Rose trees for sale.

Planting Standard Tree Roses

Pink rose standard in full bloom.

Plant standard roses according to whether they are bare root or containerized.

Planting Bare Root Roses

Planting Potted Roses

Once you've got the rose standard into the ground, it will need to be staked.

The best rose tree care is to stake standard rose trees for life. All of a rose tree's weight is at the top of that skinny trunk. Staking prevents them from snapping or toppling in storms.

Use stakes that have been treated with a preservative. As these preservatives can be toxic, do not use tree rose petals to decorate cakes or to make rose flower water.

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Pink Double Knock Out® Rose Tree

Red Knock Out® Rose Tree

Polar Joy Rose Tree

One stake per plant is generally enough. Pound the stake into the soil an inch or two from the rose tree's trunk. The top of the stake should fall just below the "canopy" of the tree.

There should be no danger of the lowest branches of the head of the rose tree chafing against the top of the stake when the wind blows.

Tie the trunk to the stake near the top and near the base with soft fabric or plastic which will not cut into the trunk. Tie it securely but leave enough room for the trunk to increase in diameter.

Proper rose tree care requires changing the ties each year. Otherwise they will begin to bind the trunk or disintegrate and fall off.

You will find instructions for pruning standard rose trees here. Check the trunk throughout the growing season for suckers. These should be pinched off as soon as they appear.

Julia Child Rose Tree
Sunny Knock Out® Rose Tree
Rose Tree, Rainbow Sunblaze®
Rose Tree, Weeping Red

Tree Rose Care

Outside of planting, pruning and wintering, rose tree care differs little from the care of other types of roses. The following articles will guide you in the proper care of rose trees:

Fertilizing Roses

Fertilizing roses properly promotes good health and abundant bloom. Feeding roses is easy once you understand the differences between chemical rose fertilizer and organic rose food. Ways to fertilize roses.

Watering Your Roses

Tips for watering roses in every season. How to water rose bushes properly. Watering rose plants that are in pots. Drip irrigation, soaker hoses.

Rose Diseases

Preventing common rose diseases. Treatment of rose bush diseases: downy mildew, powdery mildew, rose rust disease, black spot and rose rosette disease.

Winter Care For Rose Trees

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Rose Tree, Patio Garnet

A miniature rose standard should be grown in a pot and carried indoors for the winter. Give it as much light as possible and provide good air circulation. It may bloom right through winter.

If your mini rose tree is bothered by spider mites or other rose pests, treat it with a systemic insecticide like Bayer All in One which will also feed it and prevent diseases.

Larger tree roses can also be grown in containers and carried indoors or allowed to go dormant and placed into a garage or shed until spring.

Some gardeners plant them in wire baskets and sink them into the soil each spring. Then dig them up for winter storage.

Rose trees that are growing in the ground can be tipped over onto their sides and buried in clean mulch. This requires digging halfway around the rootball and removing the stake.

If the tree rose is not too tall, surround it with a chicken wire cage filled with dried leaves.

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