Sabal Palm Pictures

Low Maintenance Landscaping with Sabal Palms

These Sabal palm pictures will provide you with inspiration for using these low maintenance palm trees for landscaping. Picture of Cabbage palm tree with a basketweave trunk. Sabal palmetto trees with clean trunks.

Sabal palms in St. Augustine, Florida.

Cabbage Palms in St. Augustine, Florida

Florida's state tree, Sabal palmetto, has been used to adorn the historic city of St. Augustine. You will find them planted right on the beaches and along busy streets.

Pictures of Palm Trees Used in Home Landscapes

Sabal palms in a low maintenance landscape.

The Cabbage palm is the perfect tree for low maintenance landscaping projects. It is more cold tolerant than most other palms. It will adapt to nearly any kind of soil.

Sabal Palm Tree Care will give you all the information you need about caring for the Florida Sabal palm.

The Sabal palms in this photo are blooming. The flowers appear in mid to late summer on inflorescences which emerge from the trees' rounded crowns.

The flower stalks are approximately the same length (about 6 feet) as the fronds. They look like big, bushy fox tails and are quite showy.

The other palms in this front yard landscaping picture are Sagos (a pair of them) and Phoenix Roebelenii (the small palm tree used as a foundation plant).

The trees in this yard feature both trunk styles. The one on the right is smooth while the 2 on the left have smooth lower trunks. The boots have been left on the upper portions of their trunks.

The trees in the photo above feature the typical basketweave trunk. This is the safest and easiest way to prune it.

Sabal palms have unarmed petioles which makes pruning them an easy DIY job for the homeowner when they are young and not too tall. Leaving the boots on keeps the blades of the loppers away from the palm's trunk.

If you prefer the clean look of a smooth trunk, you can trim the leaf bases away with a sharp linoleum knife. Be careful not to nick the trunk as doing so may endanger the health of the tree.

The palms clustered beside the house in the photo above are Pygmy Dates.

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Young Sabal palm tree planted too near a home. The small palm tree in the foreground here is a young Sabal. It looks pretty now but as it matures, it will have to lean away from the house. It is better to give a palm tree enough space to begin with than to have to move it later.

The palm opposite the Sabal is a Queen.

Three Sabal palms.

Here, a group of 3 Cabbage palms are planted in a triangle pattern. These trees look best when grouped. If you plant them close together, they will lean away from one another as they mature as the trees in this image are beginning to do.

Whether or not you want them to do this is a matter of personal taste.

Pair of Sabal palms that have been heavily pruned. These are the most heavily pruned Sabal palms I have seen. I do like the way the boots have been left on only at the very top of the trunks.

This reminds me of the pineapple crown nut atop a Canary Island Date palm.

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