Japanese Sago Palm Tree Pictures
Cycas revoluta

Japanese Sago palm tree photos. Pictures of mature Sago palms in landscape settings to give you ideas for growing Cycas revoluta around your home and yard. Cycad Sago palm frond pictures.

Tall mature Sago palm tree. The photos on this page are images of Cycas revoluta which is commonly called the Japanese or King Sago palm.

While the Sago palm, Cycas revoluta, looks and (in many ways) acts like a palm tree, it is not a "true" palm.

It is a member of a prehistoric plant family known as Cycads.

Unbeknown to many, there is a "real" Sago palm tree.

Sago is an edible starch harvested from the trunks of the Metroxylon sagu palm tree.

This starch, which can be baked into bread or puddings, is a staple food for millions of Asians.

Sago is also an important commercial crop as it is exported to Europe, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Metroxylon sagu is not the only palm species from which sago can be obtained but it produces the highest quality sago and is therefore the palm variety most often cultivated for this purpose.

It is a tall (to 60 feet) clumping feather palm which originates in New Guinea and the Moluccas but is widely grown in tropical climates.

Japanese Sago Palm Plant

Sago palm trees growing at the Ormond Memorial Garden in Florida.

This is a group of Japanese Sago palm trees growing at the Ormond Memorial Garden in Ormond Beach, FL.

This is a good way to grow Sago palms. In a grouping with staggered heights.

Notice the pups at the feet of the mature palms.

Sago Palm Frond Picture

Sago palm frond picture.

The fronds of C. revoluta are stiff with thick, leathery leaves. They can either grow straight up, fan out around the palm's trunk or droop toward the earth depending upon the disposition of the individual plant.

They are invariably a deep, hunter green and very handsome as long as the tree is healthy.

Sagos are not the most cold hardy of palm trees. If you do not live in a warm climate, you can cultivate one as a houseplant. They make fine indoor palms when they are small. Their slow growth rate is a plus in this situation.

Tip: Buy the size you want. It will be a long time before it gets much bigger.

You can purchase a 5 Foot Tall Sago Palm Tree Here

Or buy a 3 Foot Tall Sago Palm Here

Sago Palms Growing Amongst Geraniums at a Hotel in Morocco

Refer to Sago Palm Care for growing information.

This is the reproductive cone of the male Sago.

Unlike true palms, Sago palm trees reproduce sexually.

You can read all about the thrills and chills of Cycad reproduction on this page about Growing Sago Palms from Seed.

In this Florida neighborhood, the phone company has inconsiderately placed the utility boxes in the center of the front yards rather than at the edges.

They did the same thing at my house.

Sometimes they will move the box if you call and ask them nicely. In my case, they refused so I used evergreen shrubs to hide it.

This homeowner has used a landscape rock made just for this purpose. I wish I had known about these mock rocks before I installed my shrubs. One of these could have saved me a lot of hedge trimming.

There are also rainwater harvesting "rocks" you can install in your landscape.

The Sago palm in the center features a double crown. This is unusual and makes the tree more interesting and desirable to collectors.

Being planted in a round raised bed makes it a focal point in this front yard.

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