Free Savannah Garden
Savannah, GA Attraction

The SACGC Botanical Garden is a Savannah garden which is free to the public. It is one of the best Savannah attractions for gardeners. It features the largest rose garden in Savannah GA.

Savannah garden of roses.

Often overlooked among Savannah, GA attractions, the SACGC (Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs) Botanical Garden is a treat you won't want to miss.

Located in Midtown Savannah (away from downtown and outside the historic district), the garden is built around a circa 1840 farmhouse which has an interesting history of its own.

1940's farmhouse surrounded by a Savannah garden. The 2 story home built of heart pine with gingerbread trim was originally erected on a different site. It was first moved to make way for Hillcrest Cemetary.

In 1992, the farmhouse once again found itself in jeopardy. It was going to be torn down to make way for the Truman Parkway.

Desiring to preserve this rare example of rural architecture, the ladies of the SACGC asked if they could have the house which is 1 of only 2 pre-Civil War farmhouses still in existence in Savannah.

The house was sold to them for $1. But it would cost more than $100,000 to move and reassemble it.

These plucky ladies refused to give up. They raised the money by making and selling crafts at yard sales!

Savannah garden clubs farmhouse dining room.

This is the dining room of the 1940's farmhouse. The handmade quilt and crocheted tablecloth give it a homey feeling.

Main Attractions of This Savannah Garden

Savannah garden pond area.

2 acre pond at the SACGC Botanical Garden

The kitchen of the historic farmhouse looks out onto the vegetable and herb gardens. The tall rose bushes in the rose garden are visible in the background.

There is also a fairly extensive camellia collection on the 10 acre property which was donated to the SACGC by Chatham County.

One of the prettiest areas is a 2 acre pond surrounded by walking trails.

But I was drawn to this Botanical Garden by the roses.

The Rose Garden

Savannah garden bed of orange roses.

A rose arbor forms the entrance to this, the largest collection of roses in Savannah, Georgia. The rose plants are massed in beds and not interplanted with other perennials or shrubs.

The bed in the center features a black fountain ringed by beautiful orange roses.

Location and Hours

This little known Savannah, Georgia attraction is located at 1388 Eisenhower Drive. The SACGC Savannah garden is open daily during daylight hours. There is no admission fee but donations are appreciated.

To arrange a group tour of the 1840's farmhouse call, (912) 355-3883.

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