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Best value downtown Savannah restaurants. Our reviews of inexpensive restaurants in Savannah, Georgia. An interesting variety of good, low cost restaurants in Savannah, GA.

The Savannah Tea Room

The Tea Room

You'll find some of the best restaurants in Savannah Georgia for budget-minded diners listed here. There are no fine dining establishments listed simply because Tiny and I do not eat at fancy restaurants.

We prefer good, home-style cooking at reasonable prices. We like lots of different kinds of food and are always trying out new restaurants.

These are some of the places we have discovered on our botanical journeys to Savannah:

The Original Smoke Station Savannah Restaurant

Casual dining Savannah restaurant. Independent review of the Original Smoke Station BBQ, a great Savannah family restaurant and one of the best lunch restaurants in Savannah, Georgia.

The Tea Room

The Tea Room Savannah restaurant.

7 East Broughton Street
(912) 239-9690
Lunch is served from 11:30am-4:00pm
Afternoon tea (by reservation) from 2:30-4:00pm

The Savannah Tea Room has a wonderful ambiance. It's a very feminine restaurant and shop with tables dressed in white cloths and teddy bears lounging on chairs.

Your teapot will be left on your table in a cozy to keep it hot. The pastries are especially good.

The dining area is small so reservations are a good idea. If you're in the neighborhood and don't have a reservation, poke your head in the door to see how busy they are. Look around the gift shop before you leave. They have some unusual tea pots.

Gryphon Tea Room

Gryphon Tea Room stained glass windows.

337 Bull Street
(912) 525-5880

This is another tea room operated by the Savannah College of Art and Design and housed in a historic building (a pharmacy). The stained glass windows with a mortar and pestle design give the building's original use away.

The names of the teas here are quite enticing: Himalayan Strawberry, Russian Caravan, Harmony Garden, Monk's Prayer, Temple of Heaven Gunpowder, etc.

All teas are served loose. Iced tea and coffee are also available along with light lunch fare.

If you want a fried goat cheese salad served to you by an art student, the Gryphon Tea Room Savannah GA is the place to get it.

The Casbah Restaurant

Moroccan Casbah restaurant

118 East Broughton Street
(912) 234-6168
Providing food and entertainment from 5:30-10:30pm nightly

If you're in the mood for something exotic, the Moroccan Casbah restaurant may be just the ticket.

By my standards, this place is dark. But the dim lighting is part of the tent-in-the-desert theme. It would seem strange indeed to be sitting around on cushions watching Moroccan dancers in a brightly lit room.

You can wash your hands at the table and eat with your fingers--Moroccan style--if you want. Utensils are provided for those who don't.

Portions are generous here and you can even learn to belly dance as participation is encouraged.

The Casbah Savannah is not just a meal, it's an experience.

The Kayak Cafe

Kayak Cafe Savannah GA restaurant

1 East Broughton Street
(912) 233-6044

This is a healthy restaurant in Savannah. Fresh, local food simply prepared.

Don't let the bland decor fool you. The food, especially the salads, is good. Try the West Indian Trader salad. You can't beat it for organic or vegetarian food.

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