Silver Date Palm Trees
Phoenix sylvestris

Silver Date palm trees are ornamental Date palms. Phoenix sylvestris fruit is edible but bitter. This is a Wild Date palm native to India where it is called the Sugar Date palm because its flower stalks contain a sweet sap which is used to make date sugar.

Young silver date palm growing beside Tivoli Lake.

The Sylvester Date palm looks much like its close relative, the Canary Island Date palm. The major differences between it and the CIDP are these:

  • The Silver Date grows more quickly. It is the fastest growing of all the Date palms. Please, do not misunderstand me. P. sylvestris is not a sprinter. It is just that the other Phoenix palms tend to creep along at a snail's pace.
  • At a mature height of 35-40 feet, the Wild Date palm is a full 20 feet shorter than the Canary Island Date.
  • View into the crown of a Phoenix sylvestris from the ground.

    • It is more tolerant of humidity than any of the other Phoenix Date palms and also more disease resistant in wet climates.

      For these reasons, the Silver Date palm is the best of the Date palm trees to grow in the Gulf states.

      This adaptable palm tree can also handle dry climates.

    This trio of flowering Silver Date palms is growing in St. Pete, FL.

    The smaller trees beneath them are Christmas palms.

    The plants on the right are Areca palms.

    It will thrive in inland as well as coastal plantings as long as it gets plenty of sun and the soil it is planted on drains quickly.

    Sylvester Date Palm Info

    Silver date palm tree picture taken in Sarasota, Fl.

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    The trunks of Phoenix sylvestris palms grow singly. It is not a clumping palm. As the fronds fall (or are removed) they leave a pretty, diamond-shaped pattern on the trunk.

    The pretty trunk of the silver date

    The feathery green leaves sometimes have a silvery or grayish cast. They grow up to 15 feet in length and curve, slightly, toward the ground.

    Close-up of the sugar dates silvery leaves.

    As with many other palms in this genus, the leaves turn into needles near the petioles. Wear heavy, leather gloves and exercise caution when pruning this tree.

    The flower stalks start out bright orange.

    White blooms will appear in the summer months on yard-long branching stalks. The yellow fruit these flowers produce is too acid to eat fresh but can be used to make wine or jelly. Harvest it only after it has turned completely yellow with no green remaining.

    The Silver Date is marginally winter hardy in USDA zone 8a. It is reliably hardy without winter protection in zones 9a-11.

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