Sub Zero Roses
Brownell Cold Climate Roses

Sub Zero roses are a line of cold climate Hybrid Tea roses developed by Dr. Walter Brownell. Brownell roses are reliably hardy to -15 degrees F. without winter protection. Some are hardy to -20.

These roses give you the perfect flower form and fragrance of the Hybrid Tea rose on cold hardy rose bushes. The only difference between Brownell roses and other Hybrid Teas (besides their improved hardiness and disease resistance) is that they sometimes flower in clusters instead of singly.

They are tall, upright plants which will become larger and flower more abundantly each year. They are the most disease resistant HTs you can grow.

Sub Zero roses are sometimes advertised as being hardy down to -30 degrees F.

I wouldn't count on this.

If your coldest winter weather falls below -20 degrees, Rugosa roses and Modern Shrub roses may be a better bet for you.

Brownell Sub Zero Roses

Dr. Brownell advised that his roses should be planted with the graft union buried several inches below ground for greatest hardiness and longevity.

Sub Zero rose 'Dr. Brownell'.

'Dr. Brownell' Rose

Dr. Brownell's namesake rose is a cross between the famous Peace Hybrid Tea rose bush and another Sub-Zero rose, 'Helen Hayes'. It bears fragrant roses 5 inches in size throughout the summer months.

Subzero rose 'Helen Hayes'>

'Helen Hayes' Rose

The 'Helen Hayes' rose bears moderately full double yellow flowers with reflexed outer petals. The blooms fade prettily to apricot with a pink blush as they age.

Brownell rose 'Lily Pons'

'Lily Pons' Rose

The creamy blooms of 'Lily Pons' intensify to yellow near their high centers. Often described as everblooming, this cold climate rose will grow to 4 feet in height.

Brownell rose 'Lily Pons'

'Senior Prom' Rose

The flowers of the 'Senior Prom' rose are a bright pink, orange and red blend. The pointed blooms arrive in clusters from summer to frost. The plant is heat as well as cold tolerant.

Brownell rose 'Arctic Flame'

'Arctic Flame'

'Arctic Flame' produces slender buds which open in to high centered, deep velvety red roses. The olive green leaves make this easy-to-care-for rose bush unique.

The orange blossom of the 'Maria Stern' rose

'Maria Stern'

The 'Maria Stern' rose will cover itself in orange roses which will not fade in strong sun. Blooms right through the heat. Vigorous and nearly immune to the typical rose diseases.

The bright flower of 'Curly Pink'

'Curly Pink'

The 'Curly Pink' rose is set apart by her deeply reflexed hot pink flower petals. The full, double blooms appear in clusters. Another everblooming Brownell rose.

'Charlotte Brownell' roses

'Charlotte Brownell' Roses

'Charlotte Brownell' is one of the more old fashioned Brownell roses. Soft yellow rose petals flushed pink at the edges bring the old garden rose flower form into today's landscape.

The coloring and form of this rose will transport you to a more genteel era.

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Rose, Helen Hayes

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