Eye-Catching Succulent Gardens

Succulent gardens thrive in locations from Cape Town to California. Succulents will grow lushly even in rainy Florida as long as they are planted in fast draining soil. Gardening tips for succulent plants.

Blue Agave and othe succulents growing in gravel.

Blue Agave in Bloom on the Island of St. Croix

Succulents come in an ecclectic mix of shapes and sizes, from the diminutive stone sedum which look like pebbles until they bloom to the tall, candelabra-shaped Pencil cactus.

Agave americana (left), A. tequilana (center), and Crown of Thorns in a rock garden on Grand Bahama Island.

They seem particularly at home when planted amongst rocks, but will also thrive in the right kinds of containers.

Eye-Catching Succulent
Container Gardens

A succulent dish garden.

This glazed clay dish garden is the perfect environment for cacti and succulents. It is shallow which suits the small root systems of these plants just fine. Potting a succulent plant in an excessively large or deep pot is a recipe for root rot.

It is important not to overpot them as the excess soil will tend to hold too much moisture around their air-loving roots.

Succulent garden in South Africa.

Cacti and succulents growing amongst the rocks in Li'l Eden, a South African shanty town.

Terra cotta pots are most commonly used for growing succulent plants, but any material that breathes will suffice. Plastic would be the poorest choice.

Make sure that whatever pot you use has enough drainage holes in it.

Cactus and succulent plants growing in rock.

Another section of the rock garden at Li'l Eden.

Plants with very small root systems may be planted in the shallow depressions that occur in some rocks.

Car covered in succulents.
Succulent car and driver.

In this garden show display, a car is being used as a container for sedums and other plants. There is even a plant-covered driver at the wheel.

Growing Tips for Succulent Plants

  1. Fast drainage is a MUST. When growing succulents in containers, use a soil formulated for cacti.
  2. Succulents require good air circulation. If they don't get this, insect problems will be the result. Examine the plants regularly for mealy bugs and scale.
  3. A gravel mulch will cover the soil beautifully while reflecting light and heat up onto the lower portions of the plants.

Get Tips for Designing with Succulents Here

Other Succulent Gardens

Succulent enhance a South African rock garden.

Here, Aloe trees enhance the landscape of an extensive South African rock garden.

Succulent knot garden design.

Here, sedums, Dusty Miller, and other succulent plants combine to form a Celtic knot garden.

Succulents fill beds at the entrance to Lotusland in California.

Agave plants fill the beds lining this walkway at Lotusland in California.

Succulent Plants for Sale

Ponytail Palm Tree
Sedum, Angelina
Euphorbia, Bonfire

Sedum, Rosy Carpet
Ice Plant, Lavender Ice™

Sedum, Improved Golden
Sedum, Improved Dragon's Blood
Ice Plant, Fire Spinner
Hen & Chickens

Aloe, Dwarf
Euphorbia, Blackbird
String of Pearls
Cactus Collection, Christmas
Ice Plant, Gold Nugget
Ice Plant, Purple

Cactus, Christmas White
Cactus, Easter
Cobweb Buttons
Life (Friendship) Plant
Cactus, Christmas Lavender
Cactus, Twilight Tangerine

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