Tomato Plant Care

Tomato plant care. About feeding and watering tomatoes. The best tomato fertilizer formulation. Controlling tomato plant pests like tomato hornworm.

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Caring for tomato plants is simple as long as you understand their requirements and know how to control the most common tomato plant pests.

Tomato Fertilizer

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Click on the highlighted headline above to discover the most effective tomato food formulas. The best fertilizer for tomatoes is any food that contains the right elements (NPK) in the proper balance.

Tomato fertilizer spikes work and are the most convenient option. Homemade tomato plant food like dried banana peels and eggshells will boost fruit production and keep blossom end rot at bay.

Fishtank water is a potent liquid tomato feed.

For optimal yeilds, tomatoes need to be fed regularly from the seedling stage until the crop begins to ripen. Feeding after this time diverts the plants' energy away fruit development and into leaf production.

Watering Tomatoes

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Tomato watering frequency: Daily during the hottest part of summer. Bi-weekly at most other times. Tomatoes growing in pots or upside down will need to be watered more. How to water tomato plants.

Symptoms of over watering: Pale leaves, nude lower stems and poorly formed fruit.

Tomato plant watering needs: Keep their soil barely moist at all times.

Pruning Tomato Plants

Pruning tomatoes is an important aspect of tomato plant care. Pruning keeps tomato plants healthier and allows you to stake or trellis them more easily.

During the growing season, you pinch off the suckers that form in the plant's leaf axils. This goes a long way toward helping you keep rangy indeterminate tomato vines in bounds.

When cold weather threatens, pinch out the tips of the main shoots to force the plant's energy into ripening the developing fruit and to suppress vegetative growth.

Tomato Hornworm

Horn worms and tobacco worms are the worst pests in the vegetable garden but these voracious tomato eating worms can be easily controlled using biological natural pest control methods.

Any product which contains the natural bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis will make short work of them.

If you only have a few worms and don't wish to spray, you may pick them off the plants with your gloved hands. Don't worry, these pests wiggle but they don't bite.

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