Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter Review

Topsy Turvy tomato planter review. Upside down tomato garden hints and tips. How to use Topsy Turvy planters. The best hanging tomatoes.

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The Best Hanging Tomatoes

Determinate or bush tomatoes make the best Topsy Turvy tomatoes.

See Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree for a short list of these types.

Any tomato plant or packet of seed that you purchase will indicate whether it is determinate or indeterminate on its label. They may not spell the word out. Look for the letter D.

Topsy Turvy flower pots are approximately 15.5 inches tall and 9 inches around. They are made of a special green fabric that the producers of this product seems to feel has some greenhouse effect on the plants.

I think what they mean by this is that the roots will heat up faster in the spring from the sun shining on the bag and this will get the tomato plants off to a quicker start.

Personally, I doubt this.

I think that if the plants grow any faster than they do in the ground it's because they are planted in "clean" soil and don't have to fight off all the tomato diseases that are typically found in garden soil.

One thing I want to tell you about the Topsy Turvy planters is that the fabric is not as durable as some of the other materials that flower pots are made of. Expect to replace them every year or two.

The ads for this product suggest that an upside down tomato plant will produce a bigger crop of fruit. I simply don't know if this is true.

This is not why I like the Topsy Turvy tomato planter.

Advantages of Topsy Turvy Planters

I like this hanging tomato planter because it is the neatest, prettiest way to grow a tomato plant.

I think Topsy Turvy tomatoes look better than tomatoes grown in hanging baskets. As an added benefit, you aren't limited to only growing the tumbler types of tomatoes.

There is no digging or double digging.

A Topsy Turvy tomato does not have to be staked or caged.

When you grow tomatoes upside down, they are not as vulnerable to  the diseases that commonly plague tomatoes.

Watering a Topsy Turvy Planter

Place just one tomato plant in each Topsy Turvy hanger. The bag doesn't hold enough soil to support two plants, and will dry out too quickly if overplanted.

Do not water a Topsy Turvy tomato more than once a day. Every other day is better. Over watering tomatoes leads to rot and other problems.

If the plant is in full sun on a hot summer day, it will wilt.

This is normal and does not indicate that the plant needs more water. If the leaves are still wilted the next morning, water it. If they have perked back up, let it go another day.

Topsy Turvy Hints and Tips

Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter

  • If you are a forgetful waterer, use a potting mix which contains water crystals.

  • If you tend to over water plants, don't use a potting soil with water crystals in it. It will only exacerbate the effects of over watering tomatoes

  • If you live in a very hot climate, you may need to move the Topsy Turvy plant into part shade during the dog days of summer. If you find that you are watering the Topsy Turvy planter more than once a day, move it.

  • Mix a water soluble tomato fertilizer into the plant's water once a month.

  • Get someone to hold the Topsy Turvy planter hanger while you fill it with soil.

  • Don't ever allow the Topsy Turvy tomato planter to dry completely out. Peat based mixes are very difficult to rewet once they have become bone dry. Any water you apply to it will just run right off.

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