Tropical House Plants

Indoor Tropical Plants and Trees

Tropical house plants, easy foliage and flowering plants. The best types of house plants for indoor growing. Good large house plants.

This page is designed to give you an overview of as many good house plants as possible. I have included as many pictures of indoor plants as space would allow.

The highlighted plant names are links to pages that will tell you how to care for and where to buy each of these live house plants.

Indoor Tropical Foliage Plants

Dracaena fragrans, the indoor corn plant

Dracaena deremensis

These are easy, large house plants that will add life and drama to any room they inhabit. The best house plants are tough and do not need to be fussed over.

Many of the Dracaenas fit this description. Particularly D. fragrans whose leaves resemble those of the world's most popular grain, Dracaena deremensis whose wide, long leaves can give mature specimens a palm-like appearance and the fast-growing Madagascar dragon tree, Dracaena marginata.

Dracaena marginata image.

Monstera deliciosa

Dracaena marginata (above left) grows into an impressively large tropical house plant in a short time. Its spiky tufts look good in both formal and informal settings. As an added bonus, it is easy to grow.

Flowering Tropical House Plants

Arabian Jasmine

Tropical Hibiscus

Introducing a flowering house plant into your home can add color--and sometimes fragrance--to your living space.

As a general rule, blooming plants require greater light than green house plants.

But this is not true in every case.

Success can be easily achieved in reading level light conditions when growing orchids indoors.

These orchids and ferns are on display at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

The following orchids are easy care tropical house plants for beginners to grow and can be displayed in low light when they are in bloom. They will need to be moved into moderate light in between bloom cycles in order to maintain their health.

If this is not possible for you, consider tossing the plants or giving them away once they go out of bloom. Many of the more common types have become so inexpensive in recent years that it may make sense to treat them like flowering annuals.

As some orchids bloom for months at a time, you would certainly get your money's worth.

Aechmeas and other bromeliads are exotic house plants that will come into bloom under moderate indoor lighting conditions.

These make great indoor office plants as they do not need much water or food and can be left on their own for days without suffering.

High Light Flowering House Plants

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Place these indoor house plants varieties in the brightest spot you've got and watch the flower buds form.

Pineapple plants require more light than any other bromeliad. But this is the only thing they are picky about. They make tough, nearly indestructible tropical house plants. Just give them space and avoid the sharp leaf tips.

Desert rose plant care consists mainly of keeping this succulent plant warm and in bright light. If Adenium obesum does not receive sufficient light, it becomes leggy and vulnerable to insects.

Give this tropical house plant enough light and it will reward you with healthy compact growth and tons of trumpet-shaped blooms.

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Passion Flower, Blue

Growing coffee beans indoors can be a fun hobby for coffee lovers. Coffea arabica plants are handsome evergreens whose compact growth habit makes them perfect candidates for pot culture.

When growing papaya indoors a high light environment must be provided. If you have a wall of south-facing windows, a Florida room, or a greenhouse then you already have the perfect place to grow papaya.

Crossandra infundibuliformis

Crossandra infundibuliformis is commonly called Kanakambaram, Firecracker flower and Firecracker plant. Growing Crossandra from seed or cuttings is simple but the care of this plant requires knowledge.

Indoor Trees

The rarely seenFiddle leaf fig adorns the promenade in a Florida mall.

Behind it is the Christmas palm, another great tropical house plant.

If you're in the market for a tall house plant, you can't do better than these good indoor trees.

Many of the ornamental Ficus trees make fantastic indoor trees.

The most popular of this group is Ficus benjamina, the weeping fig.

The beautiful but slower-growing and less popular rubber tree plant should be used more often.

Mature plants of dark-leaved selections like the nearly black 'Burgundy' are particularly striking.

Ponytail Palm - Large (Beaucamea Recurvata)

Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree  Best Bonsai for Beginners!

The pony tail palm tree has many aliases: bottle palm, elephant’s foot palm…nolina...monja... The funny thing is that it’s not a palm at all. It’s a caudiciform.

The bold, glossy green leaves of the umbrella tree make it a striking foliage plant. Each "hand" of palmate leaves has 5-7 fingers which form on the end of 8-10 inch long, stiff petioles.

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Inexpensive Houseplants

Fuchsia, Double Purple

Aloe, Dwarf

Cactus, Twilight Tangerine

Juniper, Indoor

Gardenia, Trailing

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