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Exotic tropical plants and flowers are the particular delight of many gardeners. The lush, broad leaves and brightly colored blooms of tropical garden plants will transform any location into a paradise.

Colorful bromeliads grow beneath palms at the Maui Tropical Plantation in Hawaii.

  The hedge behind them is a variegated Scheflerra.

If you are lucky enough to live in zones 9-11, you can fill your landscape with these beauties.

Gardeners residing in temperate areas where winter freezes are the norm can collect tropical house plants.

With good light, proper care, and an annual summer vacation outdoors, many tropicals will make excellent house plants. The lady palm and the cast iron plant are two that spring instantly to mind.

Some of the more common orchids are easy to grow indoors and what flower could be more exotic? Many orchids are also deliciously fragrant.

Tropical Plant Care

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Angel Trumpet, White

Elephant Ear, African Mask

Angel Trumpet, Red

The most important factor in the care of tropical plants and flowers is warmth. You must protect them from freezing temperatures or you risk losing them. Cold temperatures above freezing will have varying effects.

Some plants, like the tropical hibiscus, will suffer leaf damage at temperatures below 40 degrees F. but no stem damage will occur. Precious few plants will be damaged by temps above 40.

Most tropical plants like a moist, rich soil. The larger a plant's leaves, the more water it will generally use. Enrich the soil in the planting area with as much organic compost as you can dig into it. Make sure that the soil drains well as most plants do not like to sit in water.

Tropical plants and flowers perform best when regularly fed. Each plant will have its own specific requirements as to what type of food it likes.  It is a good general rule to feed tropical foliage plants a high nitrogen formula.  Flowering plants need a high phosphorus food to bloom well.

Questions About Tropical Garden Plants?

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