Tropicana Rose
Orange Hybrid Tea Rose

Tropicana rose syn. Super Star rose. The unique color and fruity fragrance of the Tropicana Hybrid Tea rose have won it world wide acclaim. The 4-6 inch flowers are orange with pink undertones.

Rose, Tropicana

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Hybridized by Tantau in Germany, it became a super star after its introduction in 1962, winning:

  • The Bagatelle Gold Medal in Paris
  • The President's International Trophy in Great Britain
  • The Portland Gold Medal in the U.S.
  • The Hague Gold Medal
  • The Golden Rose
  • The RNRS Gold Medal
  • All-America Rose Selection
  • ARS National Certificate
  • Numerous other King, Queen and Princess of Show honors from Rose Societies around the U.S.
  • These awards notwithstanding, this rose has a problem.

    It exhibits poor resistance to black spot and will almost certainly need to be sprayed.

    The tall, long stemmed plants are vigorous enough to keep growing and blooming right through a bought with the fungal disease, reaching 4-6 feet in height.

    The sturdy canes are thorny and lined with glossy, rust resistant foliage.

    The coral orange roses begin to appear in late spring. This rose bush's popularity may be due to its heavy and continuous blooming habit. The striking flowers smell strongly of spiced fruit.

    One of the best features of the Tropicana Hybrid Tea rose is its heat tolerance. It will bloom right through the hottest days of summer.

    Space plants 2-3 feet apart in USDA zones 6-10.

    The Tropicana rose may grow into zone 5 on its own roots but grafted plants may struggle with the cold there. To get a plant with greater cold tolerance, purchase a plant, plant it out and take cuttings from it.

    Tropicana rose cuttings strike easily and unlike most HTs, Tropicana grows well on her own roots.

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