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All types of Dutch tulip bulbs for sale. Single and double flowers, early and late season types. Yellow, red, black, white, pink, orange, and purple varieties. Beautiful bicolor, perennial, and fragrant tulips.

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The tulips on this page are divided by flower form, time of bloom and color to help you chose which bulbs you wish to plant.

Tulip Season: Early tulips flower in April, late types bloom in May. There are both singe and double early and late varieties to choose from.

Tulip Flower Types

'Estella Rijnveld' Parrot tulip.
Tulip, Estella Rijnveld Parrot
Lily-flowered tulips.
Tulip Collection, Lily Flowering

Parrot Tulips bloom in May and feature very large single flowers with ruffled petals which seem to have been trimmed with pinking shears.

Lily-flowered Tulips also bloom in May and are characterized by long stems topped with single flowers consisting of slightly reflexed, pointed petals.

Peony-flowered tulips.
Tulip Sampler, Peony Flowering
Double fringed tulips.
Tulip Collection, Double Fringed

The double flowers of Peony Tulips closely resemble those of the perennial peony and make their presence known in May.

Double Fringed Tulip blooms are cup-shaped and look much like carnations. The petal edges are more heavily fringed than those of the Single Fringed Tulips.

Darwin, Darwin Hybrids, and Cottage Tulips display single blooms on long stems in the month of May.

Late Season Types

  • 'Queen of the Night'
  • 'Zurel'
  • 'Curly Sue'
  • 'Abigail'
  • 'Lilac Perfection'
  • 'Aladdins Record'
  • 'Red Apeldoorn'
  • 'Top Parrot'
  • Double Fringed Mix
  • 'Lilac Crystal'
  • Parrot Mixture
  • 'Sundowner'
  • 'Ice Cream'
  • 'Danceline'
  • 'Copper Image'
  • 'World Expression'
  • 'Snow Fire'
  • 'Snow Valley'
  • Sizzling Hot Mix

Early Tulips

  • 'Double Red Riding Hood'
  • 'Albert Heijn'
  • Emperor Mix
  • 'Orange Emperor'
  • 'Hot Honey Rag'
  • 'Light and Dreamy'
  • 'Ice Stick'
  • 'Variegated Firespray'
  • 'All That Jazz'
  • 'Life's a Cabernet'

Mid-Season Types

  • 'Monsella'
  • 'Playgirl'
  • 'Red Dynasty'
  • 'Ice Princess'
  • Triumph Mixture
  • Monet's Garden Mixture
  • 'Passionale'
  • Cream-of-the-Crop Mix

Buy Blue, Black or Purple Tulips

Tulip, Lilac Perfection
Tulip, Curly Sue
Tulip, Cummins
Tulip, Blue Parrot

Tulip Mix, Royal Elegance
Tulip, Zurel
Tulip, Blue Lagoon

Tulip Mix, Purple Passion
Tulip, Black Hero
Tulip, Abigail

Tulip, Gavota

Tulip, Queen of the Night

Red Tulip Bulbs for Sale

Tulip, Red Apeldoorn

Tulip, Fringed Barbados

Tulip, Double Red Riding Hood

Tulip, Albert Heijn

Tulip, Top Parrot

Tulip, Lasting Love

Tulip-Daffodil Mix, Red & Yellow

Tulip, Aladdins Record

Buy Pink or White Tulips

Angelique Tulip

Angelique Tulip

Greenland Tulip

Greenland Tulip

The Ice Princess Tulip

The Ice Princess Tulip

Yellow or Orange Tulip Bulbs for Sale

Orange Emperor Tulip

Orange Emperor Tulip

Sancerre Tulip

Sancerre Tulip

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