Veitchia Palm Problem

by Miso Petres


Please can you advise how to eliminate brown spots from my Veitchia palm?

Many thanks in advance,

Plant Guides

Hello Miso,

Thank you for submitting pictures with your question. It really helps.

There are 2 possible reasons for your palm developing leaf spot:

  1. It is undernourished.

  2. It has a fungal infection.

The symptoms of each of these problems are similar. Also, an underfed palm is much more vulnerable to infection so if the tree is not on a regular feeding schedule, place it on one immediately.

Palm Fertilizer will give you the information you need about what a palm tree likes to eat.

After you feed the palm, the best course of action would be to spray the foliage with a copper based fungicide in case you are dealing with a fungal infection.

Remove any leaves that are covered in brown spots, but be careful of removing too many leaves as the tree may suffer if you take off too many.

It looks as if your palm may be indoors. If so, I doubt that it has contracted a fungal infection.

Veitchia Merrillii Palm will give you more information about the care requirements of this palm.

Good luck.

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