Where to Plant Roses for Best Results

Where to plant roses for best bloom, most robust growth and greatest disease resistance. Where to plant tea rose plants. For best garden performance plant roses where roses have not grown before.

Kelleher Rose Garden, MA
Kelleher Rose Garden, MA

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Roses and Light

Roses need good light in order to grow compactly and maintain good health. Sunlight, along with good air circulation will help to keep mildew and black spot at bay.

The more sun a rose plant gets, the more it will tend to bloom and the stronger the stems holding up those much-desired flowers will be. But contrary to popular belief, roses do not always need to be sited in full sun.

Where to Plant Roses in the Desert:

Five hours of sun per day is enough for most rose varieties. Especially if they are planted in very hot or dry locations like Texas, Arizona or some parts of California.

Some roses, like Honey Perfume and the deliciously fragrant Perfume Delight rose are somewhat shade tolerant and will perform nicely in part shade or dappled shade.

Early morning sun is preferable to the hot afternoon rays. Too much sun can cause a rose flower's color to fade.

Rose Soil

Roses are cultivated plants. Most rose varieties, with the exception of a few of the old shrub roses, need the soil around their roots amended with copious amounts of organic compost. And even wild or antique shrub roses will benefit from being planted in prepared soil.

Fast drainage is essential. A rose plant cannot stand to have its feet wet for very long. Water should drain away from the planting site and not pool within it.

Avoid planting roses in low spots. Not only will water tend to pool in a hollow, but so will cold air.

In the winter, cold air being heavier than warm air seeks the lowest level. It will drain into a hollow and form a frost pocket which can kill any roses planted there on a night when rose bushes planted a few feet away at a higher elevation come through unharmed.

Rose garden soil should be friable. Dig in lots of organic matter such as composted leaves and manure.

Roses prefer a slightly heavy soil which is slightly acidic (between 6 and 6.8 pH). When planting roses on sandy soil, add even more organic matter prior to setting the plants in.

If your soil is too acid, add 5 lbs of horticultural lime per 100 square feet. To make it more acid, use 3 lbs. of iron sulfate instead.

If your soil is very alkaline, you may need to replace the top 2 feet of it with a more suitable rose soil.

Root Competition

Climbing roses on a wall at Highclere Castle.

Climbing roses dress this wall in classic style.

When deciding where to plant roses, remember that trees do not make good companion plants for most roses. The rose plant does not handle root competition well. Roses perform best when planted in beds by themselves.

This does not mean that they cannot be planted in amongst other plants. Just that you need to take care which plants you place them next to and how you space them.

All trees, most shrubs and many perennials will steal nutrients and water from roses if they are too near them. Annuals will not pose a problem.

Ravishing Rose Bouquet

Ravishing Rose Bouquet

Heads will turn and hearts will flutter when the recipient receives this striking bouquet of flowers. A unique vase holds roses along with miniature carnations and Matsumoto asters. The blooms are accented with limonium and pittosporum for an overall effect that creates a feeling of romance and sophistication.

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