Best White Flowering Trees for the Home Landscape

Evergreen white flowering trees you can plant for summer fragrance and bloom. Deciduous trees with white flowers that will shower your landscape in clouds of small blossoms each spring. Tropical and fruit-bearing trees.

White Flowering Deciduous Trees

Washington Hawthorne
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

Royal White Redbud
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

Japanese Tree Lilac

For fragrant flowers and a long bloom season, plant the Japanese Tree Lilac.

Deciduous trees with white flowers bloom profusely in spring, leaf out in summer and denude themselves each fall turning the garden into an ever-changing vingnette.

Some of these spring bloomers offer a little something extra to the fall garden:

Flowering Crabapple Trees decorate themselves with red or orange golf-ball sized fruit while the leaves of Crape Myrtle and Black Locust trees turn blazing shades of gold, red, orange and purple.

The Dogwood offers red berries, mottled bark,  and colorful autumn foliage in addition to its white spring flowers.

The Aristocrat Pear is an ideal replacement for the formerly popular Bradford variety which fell out of favor because of its structural weakness.

White Flowering Dogwood

Yoshino Flowering Cherry

Crabapple - Red Jewel

Winter King Hawthorn

Northern Catalpa

Aristocrat Flowering Pear

Evergreen Trees with White Flowers

Fruit Trees

Lemon - Meyer

Grapefruit - Oro Blanco

Evergreen white flowering trees add permanent structure to the home and garden landscape. For sweet jasmine fragrance and useful fruit, plant white-flowered citrus trees.

Lemons feature the largest blooms of all citrus types and, if you feed them well enough, will bloom repeatedly throughout the warm months.

Lemon - Eureka

Lemon - Variegated Pink

Ornamental Trees

'Little Gem' Magnolia

The Southern Magnolia is a grand shade tree whose shiny leaves feature a rust-colored reverse. Its huge saucer blooms are fragrant and followed by interesting red fruits.

The leaves of the Sweetbay Magnolia display their silvery undersides with each passing breeze and its big white flowers appear twice each season, in spring and summer.

The dwarf 'Little Gem' is the Magnolia of choice for small yard landscaping.

Bracken's Brown Beauty is the most cold hardy of the lot, tolerating temperatures down to 20 degrees below zero F.

Sweet Bay Magnolia

Magnolia - Royal Star

White oleander can also be trained into a small tree. 

Magnolia Tree Care Tips

Tropical White Flowering Trees

White Angel Trumpet tree in bloom at Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL.

Angel Trumpet Tree

Angel Trumpet trees may be planted outdoors in temperate areas.

When grown in this fashion, the tops of the plants will die each year, but they will usually spring back from the roots.

Angel's Trumpet can be grown in large pots or, where it is warm year round, in the open ground. The foot long flowers appear at regular intervals throughout the summer months and are lemon-scented at night.

The trumpet-shaped blooms may be single or double in form.

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