Top 20 White Perennial Flowers
Low Maintenance Perennials

Twenty low maintenance white perennial flowers. The best long blooming white perennials. White herbaceous perennial plants for shade. Summer blooming perennials for full sun.

Butterfly Bush, White

Phlox, Snow White Giant Garden

Snow White Giant Garden Phlox will astound you with its great mop heads of sparkling, fade-proof flowers.  This is an improved variety which will perform well in sun or part shade and is deer resistant to boot!

For mild fragrance and huge impact, you can't go wrong with the White Butterfly Bush.  Foot long flower cones appear en masse in late summer attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.  Drought tolerance is an added bonus.

Butterfly Bushes in Other Colors

Daisy, Alaska Shasta

Clematis, Paniculata

Alaska Shasta Daisies are a perennial garden classic. 

They have not achieved this status unworthily.

These vigorous, unfussy plants grow quickly into mature, 3' mounds.  Large, flat flowers appear in mid summer.  Their egg yolk centers contrast attractively with the snow white petals in the border as well as the vase.

The Sweet Autumn Clematis vine produces masses of small but powerfully fragrant blossoms in late summer.  Plant it with its feet in the shade and its head in the sun in zones 4-8. Climbs to 14 feet.

Growing Guide for 'Sweet Autumn' Clematis

More Clematis Vines

Drought Tolerant Perennials

Coneflower, PowWow White

Peony, Double White

The fist-sized flowers of the Double White Peony start the gardening season off with a bang!  The 8", ruffled blooms arrive in late spring on plants which grow into 3' x 3' mounds and remain productive for decades.

If you like the Shasta Daisy but want something with a more subtle garden presence, plant the PowWow White Coneflower.  You'll get the same clean, flat white daisies with a more naturalistic central cone.  This is a dwarf coneflower which will only grow to a height of 2'. 

Unlike the Shasta which needs constant moisture, PowWow Coneflowers are drought resistant.

Coneflowers of Other Colors



For front of the border color, Sanguinaria canadensis is hard to beat. Low-growing plants lift their cupped blooms like chalices on 6-12' stalks in spring.  Bloodroot offers its blooms from March through May in zones 3-9.

If you like textured plants, you will adore the fuzzy flowers and foliage of Edelweiss.  This alpine plant is exceptionally drought and cold tolerant.  Leontopodium alpinum thrives in full sun to part shade in zones 3-7.

Yucca, Adam's Needle

Snow in Summer

If a white-flowering ground cover is what you're after, Snow in Summer hits the mark. 

The name says it all.

When this plant is in bloom (spring), it gives the effect of snow dusting the ground.  The downy gray foliage help the blossoms to achieve this illusion.  At 4-6" tall, the plants hug the soil.  Plant drifts of Snow in Summer wherever you want garden flurries.

Adam's Needle is one of the oldest and most popular types of Yucca. Its large, architectural growth habit, easy care, and resistance to deer, drought, and salt spray have earned it a place of honor in many gardens.

Yucca filamentosa's sharp leaves are evergreen in zones 5-10.

Landscaping with Yucca Plants

White Perennials for Shade

Mum, Belgian White Padre

Bleeding Heart, White

In early summer, small heart-shaped booms dangle from the stems of the White Bleeding Heart like charms on a bracelet.  Plants grow to 2' and prefer lightly shaded locations and consistent moisture.  Deer resistance is among its many attributes.

White Padre is one of the most floriferous mums you can grow.  This is a Belgian mum which will grow into a neat mound by late summer before it bursts into bloom.

More Chrysanthemums


Astilbe, White

The 'Deutschland' Astilbe is the crown jewel of the shade garden. When it is in bloom, its white spires seem to glow as dusk falls over the landscape. When this plant is not flowering, you will appreciate the interest and texture its bronze-brushed leaves add to any planting.

The blooms attract hummingbirds; an unusual feature in white perennial flowers.

Dogwood, Dwarf

Foxglove, Pam's Choice

White perennial flowers in late spring, scarlet berries in summer, and red fall foliage are what the Dwarf Dogwood has to offer.  If all that is not enough to convince you that you have got to grow this tiny shrub, here's a little tidbit that will cause you to order multiples of this plant:

The berries are edible; in fact, they make a scrumptious jelly.

At just 8" tall, Cornus canadensis makes a great groundcover beneath deciduous trees.  Plant it in part to full shade in zones 2-8.

The bi-colored blooms of Pam's Choice Foxglove appear atop 4' spires in early summer.  Bright shade is the best exposure for it in zones 8 and 9.  In zones 4-7, full sun is preferred.

Different Types of Foxgloves


Rose, Christmas

The creamy plumes of Goatsbeard (Aruncus diocus) really light up the shady spots.  The bushy 4' plants are virtually maintenance free in zones 4-8.

Long Blooming Perennials

Daylily, Sunday Gloves

Daisy, Crazy

Sunday Gloves is a repeat blooming, fragrant daylily with white perennial flowers the size of your palm.  The blooms' iridescent, reflexed petals are set off nicely by their soft yellow throats.

Full sun is the best exposure in all but the hottest part of its range (zones 3-9).

A Wide Variety of Daylilies

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