Winter Savory Herb

Satureja montana L

Winter savory herb, Satureja montana L is the perennial sister of summer savory, Satureja hortensis.

Winter savory in bloom.

Winter and summer savory both have aromatic gray-green leaves and bear loose spikes of pink, white, or lavender blossoms each summer.

Satureja montana grows 6-12 inches high with a spreading habit.

Start plants from seed. Sow the seeds in site after the last frost as this is a plant which does not like its roots disturbed.

Do not bury the seeds as they need light to germinate. Expect to see sprouts in 2-3 weeks.

The best place to site the plants is in sandy soil in full sun. They will not tolerate shade or wet feet but don't ever let the soil dry completely. Use an organic fertilizer at planting time but do not add organic matter to the soil.

The plants should be pruned back hard each spring to encourage compact growth.

Perennial savory is winter hardy into USDA zone 5.

Dividing Winter Savory

Seed can be saved from the plants and used to start new plants or you can divide mature plants in early spring.

If you are afraid of the root disturbance this will cause, try layering a few of the lower stems during the growing season. They will be rooted and ready to move by the following spring.

Space new plants a foot apart in the bed.

S. montana illyrica is the creeping form. It looks great cascading over the edge of a container of herbs. It grows to a height of 6 inches and shares the peppery flavor and medicinal properties of winter and summer savory.

All three plants can be used to flavor meat and will reduce the gas producing effect of beans when cooked with them.

The medicinal uses of all three plants are the same. They are listed on the summer savory herb page.

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