Yellow Climbing Roses

The best yellow climbing roses. Old climbing rose yellow Rosa banksiae Lutea, the tough-as-nails Lady Banks rose. Golden Showers rose. The yellow and pink roses of climbing Peace.

Lady Banks rose climbing a 22 foot tree.

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There are comparatively few climbing yellow rose bushes in commerce. That makes the few that are available all the more precious.

As you likely know, yellow is the most difficult rose color to garden with. Not because yellow rose flowers do not blend well with plants of other colors--they do. But yellow rose bushes have an unfortunate tendency to be more disease prone than rose bushes of any other shade.

The old climbing yellow roses on this page are some of the most disease resistant yellow roses you will find anywhere. In fact, 1 of them, Lady Banks, is virtually immune to all of the common rose diseases. It has been so in my humid Florida garden and is growing problem free for rose growers all over its hardiness range (zones 7-11).

Yellow Lady Banks Rose

Yellow Lady Banks Rose

One of the most incredible climbing roses available.

The following link will take you to a page detailing how to grow this stunning yellow climbing rose:

Lady Banks Rose

Golden Showers Rose

Rose, Climbing Golden Showers

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Golden Showers is a much smaller plant than the gargantuan Lady Banks but its larger flowers and brighter foliage are sure to make a big impression just the same.

This zone 4 yellow climbing rose is the one to grow where space is limited. Winter hardy into zone 3b.

Peace Climbing Rose
Yellow Blend Rose

Rose, Climbing Peace Jumbo

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This is a climbing yellow rose with a little something extra. The edges of the huge, perfectly formed Hybrid Tea flowers are blushed pink. This unique coloration is visible at the bud stage making the blooms striking at every stage of their development.

If long stemmed yellow roses that will fill your home and garden with fragrance is what you want, Climbing Peace is the plant for you.

Peace performs best in zones 7a-9b.

Yellow Rose Pictures
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