Yucca Valley, California

5 Reasons to Visit the City of Yucca Valley

To cacti and yucca plant collectors, the city of Yucca Valley, California is a huge dish garden. Free Yucca Valley, CA attractions. Discount accommodations, hotels. 5 reasons you'll love this desert town.

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Yucca Valley Sunset

Reason #1: Location

The city of Yucca valley is conveniently located in San Bernardino County in the southeastern Mojave Desert.

It is the gateway city to Joshua Tree National Park.

It is 26 miles west of Twentynine Palms which was named for an oasis around which 29 California fan palms flourished and whose waters sustained several migrating tribes of Native Americans, and 28 miles north of the fashionable (and pricey) Palm Springs.

Yucca Valley, CA Hotels

Yucca Valley motels, hotels and inns have two things in common.

They are clean and cheap!

You can save a great deal of money by booking Yucca Valley accommodations, enjoying the amenities this high desert community has to offer, and day-tripping to other nearby attractions.

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Reason #2: Weather

The town of Yucca Valley is 3,279 feet above sea level. This elevation makes for cooler summers than low desert cities like Palm Springs enjoy. The thermostat rarely climbs much above 100 degrees in the summer and rarely falls below freezing in the winter.

The residents of Yucca Valley, Calif. enjoy at least 320 days of sunshine per year.

Reason #3: Blazing Sunsets

Sunset is never so dramatic as it is in the desert. All those tall, columnar native cacti silhouetted by the fiery sky.

Reason #4: Yucca Valley is a Yucca Lover's Paradise.

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This is Yucca brevifolia, the Joshua tree which grows prolifically in this area.

A Mojave native, the species is difficult to cultivate outside of the desert.

If you live in an arid climate, you can grow one in your home landscape, but it will be a while before it reaches the size of the one pictured here. Y. brevifolia grows a measly 3 inches per year.

Click Here to see pictures of other Yucca plants you will likely see growing in and around Yucca Valley California.

Reason #5: Free Yucca Valley California Attractions

Desert Christ Park. A non-denominational historical landmark and monument to world peace.

The park, which houses more than 40 pure white sculptures depicting the life and ministry of Jesus, is open daily from sunrise to sunset.

The Gubler Orchid Ranch in nearby Landers offer free tours of their greenhouses.

In addition to many beautiful and exotic orchids you will also get to see the carnivorous plants they grow.

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Hutchins Motor Sports and the Route 62 Diner. Home of the Harley Davidson Museum, an ever changing display of Harley Davidson motorcycles and memorabilia dating back to 1912.

The 50s style Route 62 is reputed to be among the best Yucca Valley restaurants, so I doubt you'll leave this free Yucca Valley attraction with your belly empty or your pocket quite full.

Pioneertown is an Old West town which was built in 1946 as a movie set.

The homes in Pioneertown, California were built to house actors like Gene Autry and Dick Curtis but are now private homes, so please be respectful during your visit.

The Pioneer Posse, an Old West re-enactment troupe, gives free performances each Saturday from April-October. The show starts at 2:30 p.m.

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